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3D Tattoo Designs for WOMEN

Ink is Art. Ink is religion. Getting inked on ones body part is common today. Finding a person who don’t have any tattoo on his/her body parts is becoming difficult. One thing about our generation is that they are crazy about 3D and if that 3D is combined with ink, tattoo lovers will go crazy. 3D Tattoos are hot today and they looks even hotter when they are inked on women.

3D  tattoos are making women to go crazy about them and adding beauty to them. Giving a original approach to tattoos is a a tough job so when you are going for 3D tattoo go for an expert tattoo artist because if it is inked once it remains for ever people.

here are few 3D Tattoo Designs for women picked by us for you to have a lookout on how our generation women are crazy for it.

Ribs Tattoo

This girl has got a 3D tattoo inked on her body of ribs. Crazy idea but its looks awesome.

3D ribs crazy idea

3D ribs crazy idea

Sky & Birds Tattoo

This is a tattoo of sky & birds inked on her ribs part.

sky birds clouds looks good

sky birds clouds looks good

Amazing Art

An amazing art work tattoo inked on her legs. A perfect 3d effect.3D-Tattoo-Designs

Back Tattoo

A back tattoo showing bones of human body and flowers at the sides to add a girly look to the tattoo.3d-tattoos-026

Bug Tattoo

A bug tattoo behind the ear simple and cute.



Cyborg Tattoo

A cyborg tattoo inked on the leg part of a girl.cyborg-tattoo


A heart tattoo along with the blood vessels. looks amazing.

heart blood vessels inked.

heart blood vessels inked.

Ink Machine

Ink machine inked on her leg as if she’s carrying it with her. The girl expresses her feelings about tattooing with this tattoo.

ink love

ink love

Leg Tattoo

A simple leg 3d tattoo.3d-Tattoos-004

Neck Tattoo

A 3D tattoo inked below her neck.3d-tattoo-designs-for-women1

Mouth Tattoo

A 3D mouth tattoo inked on her neck adding a scary look to the cute girl.




A perfect camera tattoo inked on her hand to show her love towards the photography. A picture perfect tattoo.

smile please !!

smile please !!

Spider Tattoo

A perfect 3D spider tattoo inked on her leg.



Tiger Tattoo

A tiger tattoo inked on the back of a Girl.Tumblr-3D-Realistic-Tattoos-On-Pinterest-4

Tree Tattoo

A tree tattoo inked on her hand to show her love towards nature.

eco friendly

eco friendly

Rose Tattoo


A rose tattoo inked on a girl’s back.3d_rose_tattoo

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  1. fanwar says:

    hey, they are crazy really wooooooooooooooooow!!!!!

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